K-9 Fina & Ofc. MacKenzie from 

Rochester NH 

Serving from 2003-20013

K-9 Zeke w/his Handler Ofc. Johnson from Alton, NH 

Serving from 2008-2015

K-9 Ike & Handler Ofc. Vansteensburg from

Gilford, NH

Serving from 2012-2017

K-9 Jagger w/his Handler Capt. Chabot from

Wells, ME

Serving from 2013- 2020

K-9 Proxy w/ her Handler Sgt. Shaw from Wells, ME

Serving from 2008-2017

K-9 Daisy Mae &  Ofc. MacKenzie from 

Rochester, NH

Serving from 2010-2018

K-9 Syren w/her Handler Ofc. Johnson from Alton, NH

Serving from 2012-2017

K-9 Oryx w/ his handler Ofc. Palmer


Serving from 2009-2016


We are a single, trusted resource for communities and law enforcement agencies who want to maintain high-quality K-9 programs. In addition to locating and placing qualified dogs, the Working Dog Foundation raises funds and provides facilities for training, testing, and certifying police dogs and their handlers.


Epping, New Hampshire


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